A radiant Jackie Nava shares her happiness with family and friends

Favorite, most eye-catching photos of the soon to be mother, Jackie Nava

Felicidades! Felicidades! Fe-li-ci-da-des!
Tuesday’s Twitter announcement has everyone in a twitter: Jackie Nava announced that she is with child.

So, it will be awhile before we see the Aztec Princess climbing through the ropes. The super bantamweight champion will be on a hiatus for at least a year to be a mom. This was announced by the Tijuana boxer through her official Twitter account @ JacquelineNava, where she published the news:

“Senors and Senoritas, I will be out of the ring with great excitement waiting for a princess or a prince … And that’s what I want to scream out to the world. There comes a special moment in our lives, that makes us stop for a while, a time full of emotions and experiences.” She also mentioned: “May is the month … and I must rest.”

Congratulations to the couple – without a doubt the flower of Tijuana has to be one of the most popular athletes of our day – a most adored champion.

A little one has joined you both,

how happy you must be.

It was great when there were just two of you

but it will be even better when there’s three.

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