USA Amateur Boxing results, Lakeside, September 4, 2010

Saturday morning, prior to the USA Amateur Boxing Show, the boxers and their coaching staffs prepare for the competition ahead.

Two hundred and fifty plus patrons were on hand to see the latest USA Amateur Boxing show held Saturday, September 4, 2010, at the Marron Boxing Camp in Lakeside, Ca. Representatives were from the Alliance Training Center, the Chula Vista Boxing Club, R & R, Pacific Coast Boxing, the Rhino Boxing Club of Vista, the National City CYAC, Genesis, El Centro Boxing, the Heber Boxing Club, La Gente Boxing, City Boxing Downtown, North County Boxing, the Escondido Boxing Club, Pinzon Boxing, the Black Tiger Gym and of course the host gym, the Marron Boxing Camp.

Even though the ring was covered by a large canvas awning, the desert heat, that day in the mid-90s, made the boxers feel like they were competing in a sauna. So even though some felt they were more talented than their opponent, they had to keep in mind they were dealing with an additional adversary, one adding even more drama to their match.

“I easily lost six pounds,” was a comment heard from one boxer.

Referee Rick Ley raises the arms of the two boxers, Cesar Ruelas (right) and Carlos Sanchez (left) who competed in Bout #1.

Bout #1 featured eight-year-olds Carlos Sanchez of the Alliance Training Center and Cesar Ruelas, Unattached. From the looks of his boxing skills it appeared Ruelas could be a close relation of the former boxing champions, Gabriel and Rafael Ruelas.

Sanchez may have looked impressive at the outset when using his stiff jab to neutralize his opponent, but within a short time Ruelas had the distance measured. After he got Sanchez back-peddling, he started landing his shots from every angle. By round three the onslaught resulted in an eight count followed by a second eight count just before the final bell.

Aaron Blanco has his arm raised in victory after defeating Jonathan Espino in Bout #2.

Bout #2 was another action packed bout between middleweights, 20- year-old Jonathan Espino from North County Boxing and Aaron Blanco from City Boxing, one, a boxer and the other a brawler. Blanco ended up winning the match by staying busier and thus outpointing Espino, while Espino kept concentrating on landing that one big blow, often the right uppercut, which proved to be his failing.

Bout #3 featured 13-year-olds, Maria Bonillas of El Centro Boxing taking on Maria Franco of Pacific Coast Boxing. Early on, it appeared quite clear that Franco would be benefitting big time from both her height and five pound weight advantage, while the shorter Bonillas, the more accomplished boxer, would need to stay in close and counter each of Franco’s off target punches with an even sharper and equally powerful blow.

[caption id="attachment_1620" align="alignleft" width="255"] After being awarded the decision, we see Maria Franco (right) having her arm raised in victory by referee Rick Lea.

Throughout round one, we saw Bonillas landing two punches for every one that Franco landed. Things started to change in round two after Franco began puting on even more pressure. She started charging at Bonillas, shoving her and began landing even more solid blows. At one point both boxers almost went through the ropes.

The third round decided the match as both young ladies gave it all they had right up until the final bell. As they say in the USA Amateur Boxing ranks: “Someone has to win.” This time the decision was awarded to Franco.

Bout #4 featured 10-year-olds Robert Arias of La Gente

Standing side by side, Roberto Arias (r) and Jesus Laguna (l), it’s easy to see the difference in their height.

going up against Jesus Laguna of the National City CYAC. This was your typical Vitali Klitschko versus Chris Arreola match-up. Laguna is very tall for his age and Arias is on the shorter side. How short? When he sat on the stool, his feet didn’t even reach the canvas. All Laguna had to do was jab, jab, throw his overhand right and then step either to his right or left. Unable to cut off the ring, Arias made several futile attempts to get inside but it was all for naught.

Bout #5 featured 14-year-old Angel Rojas of the Heber Boxing Club in just his second bout going up against 15 year-old Carlos Geraldo of the National City CYAC, a more seasoned boxer, who also enjoyed a four pound weight advantage. After being hit by several stunning left hooks and an overhand right, Rojas was issued an initial standing eight-count. After Rojas got in trouble a second time, the referee stepped in to stop the bout.

Carlos Geraldo (r) of the National City CYAC has his arm raised in victory after defeating Juan Garcia of the Heber Boxing Club.

Bout #6 featured 12-year-old Juan Garcia of Heber Boxing Club going up against 11-year-old Alberto Calarez of Escondido. With neither boxer making an impression in round one, Garcia may have stolen the round with his late flurry. After finding his range, the much shorter Calarez came back strong to take round two. Since round three turned into an equally-divide slug fest, the decision was left in the hands of the judges who gave Garcia the nod.

Juan Garcia (left), the more patient of the two boxers, gained his victory over Alberto Calarez (right) by being the more accurate counter puncher.

Bout #7 featured 13-year-old Brandon Venegas of the Heber Boxing Club going up against 14- year-old Juan Vazquez of the Chula Vista Boxing Club who was making his debut. In round one, Venegas clearly landed more punches and proved to be the more accomplished boxer. By round two, the roles had been reversed and it was now Vazquez surpassing Venegas in output and giving the impression he wanted it more. In their final round, the boxers pushed each other to the limit with Venegas barely holding on at the end. In the end, the close decision went to Venegas.

Brandon Venegas (l) has his arm raised after defeating Juan Vazquez in Bout #7.

Bout #8 featured 15-year-old Alex Vargas of the Heber Boxing Club in an all out battle with 16-year-old Russell Rivera of Rhino Boxing. Even though Rivera was in attack mode throughout, it was Vargas who was landing the majority of the punches early and doing the majority of the scoring. After one early flurry, Rivera found himself being issued a standing eight count. Seconds later, Rivera was right back swinging for the fences and just missed catching the unsuspecting referee with one of his haymakers.

What Rivera lacked in boxing skills, he made up for in courage and stamina. By the end of the second round, it was clear Rivera’s relentless wrestling, brawling style was proving to be too much for Vargas who started to show some cracks in the armor.

Russell Rivera (right) and Alex Vargas (left) await the judges decision.

Finishing the bout strong with right and left combinations, and several blows landing flush, it was Rivera earning the decision.

Bout #9 featured 13-year-old Durarte Vasquez of Pacific Coast Boxing going up against 12-year-old Bryan Pinzon of Pinzon Boxing. This was one of the most highly contested bouts of the day with the first two rounds basically a toss-up. In the third round, Vasquez took over and started catching Pinzon with some brilliant counters that bloodied his opponent’s nose and caused two stoppages.

Durarto Vasquez (right) has his arm raised in victory after defeating Bryan Pinzon in one of the most hotly contested matches of the day.

Bout #10 featured 17 year-old Armando Ramirez of La Gente who weighs 141.6 still developing pounds facing 28 year-old Frederico Martiz of Marron Boxing who weighs 143 granite hard pounds.

This was one of those bouts where you’d say, “What was the matchmaker thinking?” Ramirez, a novice, facing the more experienced Martiz who has a body that screams NFL linebacker.

When it comes to experience level in the Amateur boxing ranks, the 28 year-old Federico Martiz is a man amongst boys.

Miraculously, Ramirez survived round one with only a standing eight count and one knockdown. Halfway through round two, with his nose all bloody, Ramirez’s corner decided to throw in the towel.

Intermission: for the remainder of the bouts check out          USA Amateur Boxing Results, Lakeside, Calif. Part II

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