Carlos Palomino crosses over to MMA for ‘War on the Mainland’ PPV show

Tim "Maine-iac" Silva has his sites set on being the PWP, Powerhouse World Promotions, Heavyweight champion.

Local Hall of Fame boxer Carlos Palomino, WBC Welterweight Champion from 1976-1979, has crossed over to mixed martial arts as an Executive Officer for Powerhouse World Promotions, which presents Saturday night’s “War on the Mainland” Pay-Per-View event, showcasing three Powerhouse World Promotions (PWP) title fights, live from Bren Events Center in Irvine, CA.

In the main event Tim “Maine-iac” Sylvia battles former UFC and Strikeforce title challenger Paul “The Headhunter” Buentello for the vacant PWP Heavyweight Championship.

Palomino (31-4-3, 19 KO’s as a pro boxer) explained how he got involved. “Saturday night’s show was going to be a boxing-MMA hybrid show, but when negotiations dragged on for the two proposed world (boxing) title fights, it was decided that Powerhouse’s first show would be entirely MMA.

“The idea was to draw audiences from boxing and MMA,” said Palomino. “We weren’t able to do that for this time, eliminating boxing, but plan to for our next show. I got involved with Powerhouse because my good friend, 2-time MMA Trainer of the Year Tony Martinez, called to see of I’d be interested. At first, being a boxer, I didn’t understand what they were doing (in MMA), even when they were standing and fighting. But my older brother is a construction worker and he told me they all loved MMA.

“Three years ago, I got a call from one of the Gracie brothers asking if I’d come to his gym in Torrance. He had three boys – 19, 20 and 21 – who were becoming cage fighters. They hired me for six months to train them to box. After each session, they showed me what they did on the ground and I understand that they can’t smother themselves on the ground. They’re deadly. I had a different perspective and learned a little about what they did on the ground.

“I’ve learned to appreciate MMA. In boxing, we’re taught to turn and give minimal targets, not square-up like they do in MMA. Now, though, I understand that they have to fight like that to protect themselves from kicks and being taken down. It’s hard for them to turn on punches (from that stance), which is why they throw a lot of arm and looping punches. It’s a different game like tapping out. Quitting is the worst thing in boxing but, in MMA; if they don’t tap-out they could break a wrist, arm or other bones.

“To me, it’s amazing to watch them fight. Fighters with strong wrestling backgrounds do well. Some guys can really stand and throw good punches, too. It’s quickly become a very competitive sport. Kids love it. It’s a very interesting, different time for fighters and fans.”

In Saturday’s co-main event, former WEC titlist Jason “The Punisher” Lambert (25-11-0) takes on former King of the Cage heavyweight and light heavyweight champion,Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez (18-4-0), for the vacant PWP Light Heavyweight title.

In the third of three title fights, former IFL middleweight champion Matt “The Fighting Hippy” Horwich (22-13-1) meets former UFC title challenger Thales Leites (17-3-1) for the PWP middleweight crown.

Former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens “Little Evil” Pulver (22-13-1) is in a crossroads fight against Diego “El Nino” Garijo (4-1-0) in a Special Lightweight Attraction.

Also fighting is Brazilian middleweight Gustavo “Ximu” Machado (18-8-1) vs. Rick Reeves (10-3-0) and Mexican welterweight Jorge “The Naked Man” Ortiz (16-5-1) vs. veteran Terry Martin (19-8-0).

Local fighters include lightweights Joao Silva (3-2-0) vs. Erin Beach (1-0-0), lightweights Cleber Luciano (3-3-0) vs. Todd Willingham(2-4-2), welterweights A.J. Mathews (3-0-0) vs. Sean Choice (1-0-0), and pro-debuting lightweights Evan Aitkins vs. Chad McCausland.

The “War on the Mainland” event is being presented by Powerhouse World Promotions and distributed by Integrated Sports Media at 10:00 p.m ET/7:00 p.m. PT in North America on cable and satellite Pay-Per-View via iN Demand, DIRECTV, Avail-TVN and DISH Network, as well as Viewer’s Choice, Bell TV and Shaw PPV in Canada. It will also be available in the UK via Primetime Live. The PPV card will also be streamed live on Internet PPV outside of the US, Canada and UK by going to

Tickets to see the event live range from $35.00 to $110.00 reserved and $110.00 to $295.00 on the floor. They’re on sale at the Bren Events Center Box Office (10 a.m/PT-6 p.m./PT, now thru Fri.), or by going on line: or, or by calling 1.949.824.5000.

Doors open at 5:00 PM/PT, first bout starts at 6:00 p.m., first PPV bout 7 p.m./PT – 10 PM/ET. For additional information go to or

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